The primary hub and head office of Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s international flag carrier, are located at the airport. Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and American Roy C. Farrell formed it in 1946. The 33rd level of One Pacific Place houses the registered office of this airline. It flew across the North Pole in the first non-stop transpolar flight in history. It also ran the first aircraft to land at the brand-new Hong Kong International Airport in July 1998. This airline firm offers both domestic and foreign flights.

Frequent flyer Program

Cathay Pacific and HK Express, both based in Hong Kong, have a loyalty programme called Asia Miles. With Cathay Pacific’s route network encompassing numerous important locations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America, these airlines link Hong Kong to the rest of the world.

The frequent flyer programme at Cathay Pacific offers perks like lounge access, room upgrades, and more. When traveling on any Oneworld carrier, these advantages can make the trip easier and more opulent.

Manage booking

On the Cathay Pacific official website or by calling their customer care line, travellers may easily book a flight. You can update your details and maintain your flight reservation after you’ve made it. You can also take advantage of the Cathay Pacific Manage Booking function and upgrade your seat.

A few of the services available through the manage booking option are listed below. If you’re unclear of your Cathay Pacific flight reservation details, you can check them at the Cathay Pacific Manage Booking area.

  1. If you want to travel in more comfort with Cathay Pacific, you can select your seat or upgrade to a higher class. In addition to upgrading, you can confirm your reservation for a Cathay Pacific trip and select your seat from the seat map.
  2. If the total amount of your luggage exceeds what Cathay Pacific allows, you may add more to your journey. You must pay a fee for your excess bags in order to join the trip.
  3. If you do not board the flight, you may change or cancel your Cathay Pacific flight at any time by utilizing the manage booking option. Alternate travel dates and flight dates are also an option.

Cancellation policy

The greatest international airline offering simple and uncomplicated services for booking tickets is this one. Cathay Pacific accepts cancellation requests for any cause, including bad weather, illness, or the death of a loved one. Then, you must be familiar with all of the cancellation policy terms and circumstances for Cathay Pacific. Following the guidelines below will allow you to cancel your Cathay Airlines flight:

  1. You are not eligible for a refund once the tickets have been used or expired.
  2. Within one day of booking, you are allowed to cancel your flight.
  3. You can only cancel your tickets after 24 hours of booking a flight if you pay the Cathay Pacific flight’s cancellation fee.
  4. You may still be entitled for a refund even if your flight tickets are more than two years old as of the scheduled departure date.
  5. If a flight is delayed or canceled due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, passengers are entitled to compensation.
  6. Only after considering your ticket purchase, ticket cost, travel location, and other similar variables will you be eligible for a refund.
  7. When traveling in a group with Cathay Airlines, you cannot cancel a reservation for just one person; you must cancel the entire reservation.

Cathay 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Cathay Pacific’s most accommodating policy for free flight cancellations within 24 hours of booking is this one. Additionally, they are aware that sometimes unexpected events force travelers to postpone their journey arrangements. Additionally, you will receive a full refund throughout this time. However, by doing this, you can avoid paying a fee for canceling a Cathay Pacific flight.

  1. Within seven to twenty business days, you will have your money refunded.
  2. With Cathay Pacific, cancellations are free up to 24 hours after making a reservation.
  3. Passengers benefit from a full refund in the event of a cancellation.
  4. It is simple and hassle-free to cancel tickets within 24 hours without waiting around.